A Thank You Letter

01/08/2011 § 8 Comments

*Update — Nicole has been a leading force behind this blog since it was a wee GDoc. We all look forward to your future in the profession, Nicole, and thank you for all the wonderful, though-provoking pieces you wrote for us [<--- Click to read them all!]. LibHackers never say die.  

Your friends, The Hack Library School Editors* 

Dear Hack Library School,

If you can believe it, about a year ago I was actually considering not completing my MLIS degree.  I had had a kind of rough second semester and was unsure if the profession and the degree were really right for me.  However, due to my stubbornness and financial commitment, I decided to see it through and make sure that I did everything I could to get the most out of my second and final year. « Read the rest of this entry »

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