Online Classes: A Non-Love Story

11/02/2013 § 25 Comments

computerSo here’s the deal, HLS friends: despite the fact that I am a documented introvert, I like to do my learning in an actual classroom.  I know that many library school programs are online, and that this format is convenient for people who don’t want to leave good jobs, or who can’t pick up and move to a new location, or who have to take care of their families.  There have even been several posts here at Hack Library School in support of online education.  But I made the decision to leave my job and move to a new place and go to school full-time because I wanted the experience of an on-campus program.

So what, exactly, is the problem?  Well, there are many things I love about my library school program.  However, enrollment in my specialization is small, and many of those who are enrolled choose the distance program; as a result, the majority of our classes are online.  Last semester, I took only core classes, so this semester is my first experience with online courses.  And I am going a little bit crazy.

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