[Series] Library School Starter Kit – a class checklist

17/08/2011 § 12 Comments

If you didn’t read Zack’s post on Monday, (Library School Starter Kit) check it out here. Otherwise, read on for some suggestions about classes as you start library school!

You are probably “stuck” taking required (core) courses this term, and that’s good! If you took what you WANTED to take, you might not be challenged. You might be missing out on some good foundational information about LIS. You might not meet your favorite group member. You might miss your favorite instructor! You might miss an opportunity for your cohort to make an inside joke that will last for years to come! You might not realize that even though you really WANT to be an academic librarian, you really SHOULD be a public librarian. Library School has a way of helping you find yourself.

So, while you’re taking those first couple of required courses, you’ve got to peruse the course catalog! You may think you have just started classes, but before you know it, an adviser will be contacting you and announcing class registration dates and times and instructions. Be prepared. Here’s how.

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Hack Your Program: University of Washington – Information School

30/05/2011 § 12 Comments

Mary Gates Hall - Seattle, WA

You may remember my post asking for help to Save the UW iSchool. Well, the all clear has sounded and the iSchool is safe for another year. Here’s my hack into the program itself rather than the politics that put it into jeopardy. As always, these are my views and opinions and I’d love to hear other UW students and alum’s experiences as UW iSchoolers.


The University of Washington iSchool is located on a beautiful campus in Seattle. It is housed on the third and fourth floors of Mary Gates Hall which is conveniently located near Suzzallo Library. The iSchool currently offers several degrees:

  1. Undergrad program – Informatics
  2. MLIS – Master of Library & Information Science (residential and online)
  3. MSIM – Master of Science in Information Management
  4. PhD in Information Science

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Transition: Student to Professional

11/05/2011 § 14 Comments

About a month ago I wrote a post titled: Some thoughts from a #n00brarian. The day that post went live, I was offered the position at my dream job as the Library Director of Muir Library in Winnebago, Minnesota.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t announce it because it had to be approved by the City Council, but that’s neither here nor there anymore.

I have a job and I love it. I’d like to just play with the idea of my transition from student to professional for a few minutes. (Spoiler Alert!! If you’re looking for a post about how easy the transition is, don’t read this one)

Some thoughts from a #n00brarian

08/04/2011 § 4 Comments

It’s been exactly 2 weeks since I received the “we’ve approved your request for graduation – now wait several months for a diploma” email.
That’s right! I’m a #n00brarian!
During those past couple of weeks, I’ve been reflecting on where I am, where I’m going, how I’m going to get there and how in the world I’m going to start paying back student loans. Here are some thoughts – I would love to hear what other #n00brarians are doing – or the plans of soon-to-be-n00brarians.

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Advocacy in Library School

23/03/2011 § 12 Comments

Art by Andrea Davis

Dictionary.com defines advocacy as “the act of pleading for, supporting, or recommending; active espousal.”  I know I heard and used this term before I began library school but I honestly think my awareness of it has increased tenfold in the last two years of my program.

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