Hack Your Program – San Jose State University SLIS (Online)

11/08/2011 § 34 Comments

Brian McManus is on Twitter @B_rie and blogs here.

Editor’s note: We had several people contact us about Hacking SJSU and we thank you all for that. This is Brian’s experience and we would love to hear about your experiences (positive, critical, neutral, etc) below in the comments. Because SJSU is such a large, growing and diverse program, we value input from other students! – Heidi

Disclaimer: These are my personal opinion and are not representative of the student body, San Jose State University (SJSU), or the School of Library and Information Sciences (SLIS).  Any criticism is meant to be constructive and for the betterment of the program.

I was accepted to all of the University of Arizona’s, Florida State University’s, and San Jose State University’s SLIS programs. I needed a program that allowed me to continue to work full-time as library Staff at Washington State University, had a large and robust Web presence, and did not have a mandatory residency requirement attached to its distance program.  For example the University of Arizona required an 11 day stay at the beginning of a student’s course work; this was my “backup” school.

SJSU’s SLIS program allowed for my criteria; that is why I chose them.

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Hack Your Program – Pratt

02/08/2011 § 13 Comments

Many readers have expressed interest in hearing more about the SILS program at Pratt and so we’re happy to say that we have two really great posts this week!

Lauren Bradley

Lauren Bradley

Lauren Bradley recently graduated from the Pratt Institute School of Information & Library Science in New York City. She is a technical services and cataloging librarian with two organizations at the Center for Jewish History. She enjoys costume librarianship, database searching, and government documents. Follow her on Twitter @BibliosaurusRex

All views expressed here are my own and any criticism is meant to be taken constructively.


Program Overview 

Pratt Institute’s School of Information and Library Science is unique in that is one of two non-art related programs at a primarily art and design school (the other is the Construction Management program, a part of the Architecture School).  Although the main campus is in Brooklyn, the library school occupies the sixth floor of a pretty awesome building on 14th St. in Manhattan.  Pratt does not have an online component.  All classes are taught in Manhattan, except for few classes that are taught off-site at libraries around New York City.  Off-site locations include the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Brooklyn Public Library, and New York Public Library.

Hack Your Program: University of Sheffield iSchool

28/07/2011 § 7 Comments

Michael Pawlus graduated from the University of Sheffield in December 2010. He currently resides in Korea due to extenuating circumstances but is actively seeking opportunities to join a library this fall. His interests include information literacy, electronic learning objects and web developments that increase the reach and impact of library services.  More of his writing can be found at goodnewslibrarian.info and he is also on Twitter @michaelpawlus.

Standard Disclaimer: These are my personal opinions and are not representative of the student body, the University of Sheffield, or the iSchool. I attended the one-year graduate course from Fall 2009 to Fall 2010.  All criticism is meant to be constructive.

Program Overview

The University of Sheffield is the UK’s first iSchool.

It boasts an impressive research output record that has placed it at the top of the UK-government sponsored Research Assessment Exercise since it was first conducted in 1986.  A recent survey showed that 40% of the most cited information studies academics were working at Sheffield.
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Hack Your Program: University of Iowa SLIS

08/07/2011 § 4 Comments

Note: like other posts in the Hack Your Program series, opinions expressed here are mine alone. I have grown so much and enjoyed myself thoroughly at SLIS, so the few items I offer as ‘areas for improvement’ should be viewed as constructive criticism and also understood through the lens of LIS education or the U of I as a whole: most of the things I talk about it that section are not specific to SLIS. I absolutely loved by time at SLIS and felt like it allowed me to really come into my own as a researcher and a student–I’d love to hear the thoughts of other SLIS students and alumni too, and I’m happy to share more information with folks who are considering applying!

Quick Overview: SLIS is located in the University library in Iowa City. Our department has 8 faculty members (all of whom I adore, btw) and small class sizes. The largest classes I encountered were the Foundations courses (more on that later) where the entire incoming cohort (~30 people I think is average) takes the courses together. Most of my classes had between 12 and 20 people, although some have slightly more or less. The MLS is a two-year program, although some students (like me) take longer.

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Hack Your Program: Beit Berl Department of Library and Information Science

01/07/2011 § 1 Comment

Ahava Cohen has completed her first year in the advanced graduate certification LIS program at Beit Berl.  Originally from NYC, she has been living in Israel for over 20 years. When not in school she serves as Information Officer in charge of portfolio companies for a private investment firm.  Over the school break she will be joining a fellow student in creating and cataloging a music collection in a small suburban township.
She can be found on Twitter (mostly in English) @AhavaCohen and WordPress (in Hebrew) at soferim.wordpress.com.

This is my perspective on my grad program, although I did consult with other students during our regular cafeteria hours for their input. This week I finished my first year (of three) in the LIS track. My program is unique among those I’ve read about on Hack Library School — not only is it not in the US, we don’t do our coursework in English. I also think we’re pretty unique in our student make-up.

Program Overview 

Beit Berl College is located just outside Kfar Saba, Israel. There are five tracks:

  • BA in information management
  • library science (graduate certification)
  • information science (graduate certification)
  • LIS (graduate certification)
  • archivist (non-BA, non-graduate)

Beit Berl Library

The graduate program does not (at this point) grant a masters’ degree, though that is the future direction of the program. LS graduates get government certification and IS students get certification from the college. In Israel, those are the general job requirements in LIS. Students who pursue the higher level of librarianship certification do earn points towards an MA in the college’s School of Government. Archivists take no courses with the LIS or BA students; required courses are common to the certificate and BA students. « Read the rest of this entry »

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