Ways To Improve Your Soft Skills

18/04/2011 § 12 Comments

Andy Burkhardt is the Emerging Technologies Librarian at Champlain College. He enjoys playing with new tech, information literacy and generally helping students, faculty, and staff learn new things. He is also a dinosaur enthusiast from Minnesota. You can read about most of these things on his blog Information Tyrannosaur.

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Some people are naturally great speakers. They are able to get in front of a large group of people and get their points across clearly, all while keeping the listener interested and engaged. I am not naturally one of those people. Luckily, I’m not alone. Speaking in public is regularly cited as one of the biggest fears that people have.

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Lets Get International! – LISNPN Edition

14/04/2011 § 5 Comments

HackLibSchool is proud to feature this guest post from Ned Potter AKA thewikiman AKA one of the recently named Library Journal 2011 Movers and Shakers! In the spirit of the web allowing us to cross many types of boundaries, its important for us as students to consider growing communities and professional connections outside of our continent to continually enhance our point of view and frame of mind, which is exactly what Ned is working toward. Act locally, think globally and get involved!

LISNPN logo via Ned Potter

Let’s make a global nework

I run a network for New Professionals in the Library and Information field, called LISNPN. And by professionals I really do mean ‘people involved with the information profession’ – this is NOT somewhere exclusively for qualified librarians.

The network has forums, how-to guides on things like getting published, public speaking, and networking, plus anonymous reviews of library schools (so far, only UK ones, but we’re looking for more) so people can make a better decision as to where to go. We also have blog posts but, frankly, HackLibSchool kicks our asses in that department and has made me think we need to try harder… But we did have a really cool interview with Buffy Hamilton, Bobbi Newman and Andy Woodworth recently – and now all of them are Movers and Shakers!

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Rumble in the Stacks: The Technical and User Services Divide & its Future in Libraries

07/04/2011 § 16 Comments

Lauren Bradley

Lauren Bradley is in her final semester at the Pratt School of Information & Library Science in Manhattan. She works part-time at the Leo Baeck Institute and part-time at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She enjoys costume librarianship, database searching, and government documents. Although her experience is exclusively in technical services, she dreams of crossing the divide to reference and instruction. Follow her on Twitter @BibliosaurusRex

Nearly all library school programs require students to take some form of these two classes: reference and cataloging. If you are like me and my peers, you immediately embraced one, declaring it your life passion, while disdaining the other, wondering why anyone would want to dedicate a life-long career to it. Library school seems to reinforce these notions…jokes about the poor social skills of catalogers and sneers about the customer service element of reference librarians comes to mind. A professor early in my own library education declared the divide between user and technical services dead; he said that we should gain skills in each to have a successful career. Although my own personal work experience and vision of future libraries affirm his declaration, I see library school propagating the notion of the technical-user services divide.

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[Series] Experiencing LIS – Information Literacy & Instruction

05/04/2011 § 4 Comments

Carolyn Caffrey is in her last semester of the MLS program at Indiana University Bloomington. Originally from Southern California she relocated to the land of corn where she works in instruction and reference. She is an aspiring instruction librarian, who loves roller derby, office supplies, spring, and critical information literacy. You can find her on twitter (@cmcaffre) or at her blog.

Following up our recent editing-team post about Internships, here’s another way to get experience while in school. Carolyn has written a thoughtful post with great specifics for those interested in information literacy and instruction. Comments and other tips are welcome!


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5 Things to Talk About This Weekend via Mod Librarian

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Here at HackLibSchool we are big fans of finding ways to stay on top of current events in and across the information professions. One of the best ways to accomplish this, besides subscribing to hundreds of RSS feeds, is to let someone else do it for you. Let’s call it “content curation.”

Tracy Guza AKA the Mod Librarian has been running a series of posts every Thursday since late December titled “5 Things Thursday” where she offers 5 things that happened relating to Library and Information stuffs in the past week that are worth discussing (based on the New York Times’ 10 Things to Talk About This Weekend). Are you a student blogger looking for topics to write about, hoping to break in to the mainstream conversations? A librarian working the ref desk over the weekend? An archives or museum pro wondering what the hell is happening in Library Land these days? Or someone who is just generally interested in a variety of interesting topics? Mod Librarian’s 5 things is a great place to start.

With Tracy’s permission, here are a few recent lists of goings-on, all originally posted on her wonderful blog.

Here are five more things that may prove interesting conversation generators:

  1. Do you dream of a world with one search box for all?
  2. Want a new book display option since the world is going digital? Check out this book spiral.
  3. Craving some cold war style Russian posters? Duke has some here.
  4. Need super simple circulation software? I like this one - Simple Library Pro.
  5. Want to read more about collecting and preserving user-generated content?
  1. Have a DesignSnack.
  2. Want more on the diabolical Harper Collins ebook scheme?
  3. What is the best DAM solution?
  4. What happens when you take some of the most thought provoking quotes and pair them with fresh photography and works of art?PixPlacebo.
  5. Have you ever seen a book carved by the Book Surgeon?

Here are five LIS topics plus one bonus topic to inspire discourse.

  1. Is Google Hotpot spicy?
  2. Want more nifty CSS designs?
  3. What is Project MUSE?
  4. Are you interested in a handy JavaScript library?
  5. What’s in the Museum of Ancient Inventions?

BONUS: Would you like to plan ahead for a zombie attack?

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