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05/09/2011 § 4 Comments

I have an awesome academic advisor. You may be thinking “Is that a typo? Did she say awesome?” I’ve had conversations with my advisor that drastically changed the look of my coursework and could ultimately change my career. My advisor provides honest, inspiring, challenging feedback that every student should be privilege to—but many are not. Heidi Kittleson’s recent post Library School Starter Kit – a class checklist spurred some great discussion that revealed how much of a mixed bag advising can be.

The quality of advising relationships can run the gamut from school to school. Online advising can differ from on campus advising. Your advisor may be a LIS faculty member or a generic university administrator. Some advisors engage their advisees while others keep it business. In a dream world we would all have access to great advisors. Since that’s not the case I’ve done my best to dissect my interactions with my advisor to figure out what works, what other students should look for in an advisor—and where to turn if your advisor’s not cutting it. « Read the rest of this entry »

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