What I learned from the peer review process

25/05/2012 § 10 Comments

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Back in March 2011, Micah wrote a post on the need for LIS students to foster a culture of writing and sharing.  I followed his advice (as it has yet to lead me astray!), and this past semester I started as a Content Editor of San Jose State University’s SLIS Student Research Journal (SRJ).  I also submitted a paper I wrote in the fall semester to Library Student Journal (LSJ), which has been accepted for publication.  Both experiences, as a reviewer and reviewee, have been great — so I thought I’d share a little bit about them.

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To Write Or Not To Write: The Master’s Report

25/01/2012 § 19 Comments

In my program, like many others, graduation is contingent on completing a culminating project.  At the University of Texas, that is called a “Capstone experience.”  The overwhelming majority of students choose an internship or semester-long project with a library, archive, or local business or nonprofit.  At the end of the semester, the student creates a poster detailing their specific project and what they learned/contributed/etc.  The idea is for us to synthesize the 4 or so semesters of learning into one final deliverable.

I love the idea of a capstone project.  The experience gives soon-to-be professionals the opportunity to network, fill out their resumes, get hands-on practical experience (which, ahem, our programs sometimes lack) and create and present a poster to the iSchool community.  There is, though, a second option: A Master’s Report.  A report differs from a thesis in that it is completed in only one semester. A report differs from a capstone project (always referred to as “the capstone”) because instead of an internship, the student writes about a 40 page academic paper on a topic of his or her choosing.

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