Best of Fall Semester 2011

31/01/2012 § 5 Comments

Carrying on the tradition of past end-of-semester wrap-up posts, we’ve pulled together some articles from Fall Semester, 2011 for your viewing enjoyment. Some of you may be in your last semester in library school (congratulations!) or maybe you’re still in the first year (hang in there!). Either way, to keep you busy we’ve compiled some reading lists you can return to over the next few weeks and get caught up. Think of it as HackLibSchool 101.

Our Top 10 Posts (by hits):

Top Post per Writer (by hits):

Best Comment Conversations:

Catch Up on Our Series:

Weirdest Search Terms That Led Someone to Our Blog:

  • cartoon library
  • how to hack firstclass
  • i hate school logo
  • how to dress like a librarian
  • handsome businessman
  • heroes to look up to
  • glasses for reading in bed

Recommended by Your Humble Writers:





And for good measure a few digital books that I’ve seen develop from nothing that came out this fall:

  • Hacking The Academy - a collection of essays on the (re)evolutions occurring in higher ed.
  • #alt-academy - community-building and networked scholarly communication around the theme of unconventional or alternative academic careers.

While we’re at it, two videos:







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