Say what? Things I haven’t learned in library school

07/11/2011 § 27 Comments

I’m halfway through my MLIS program, yet there are still countless words and concepts that I’m not confident I actually understand.  I feel like a fundamental vocabulary lesson is missing from most of my core intro classes — and I don’t think it’s all going be covered by the time I graduate.  There are all these acronyms and buzzwords in libraryland, and while I might know what subject they’re related to, I have no idea what exactly they mean.  Is that acronym a standard, a guideline?  What words are interchangeable, and what words aren’t?

For example, none of my core classes actually explained the difference between a library and archive.  Since I’m focusing on archives, I can tell you the difference — but how many non-archives students can?

So let’s help each other out!  What fundamental vocabulary words are missing from your classes?  Ask in the comments, and hopefully someone else will answer.  Do your part and answer someone else’s question too.

I’ll start — is there a difference between a persistent identifier and a digital object identifier?  Digital curation and data curation?

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