[Series] TMI #6 – Editorial Edition

28/03/2011 § 3 Comments

Welcome to TMI Week! We are taking a break from blogging to dedicate some brain-time to our coursework, and so we thought we’d beef up our Two Minute Insight shortcast series. Over the next 5 days stop back by to hear some brief thoughts on a variety of topics related to Librarianship, library school and the state of education.

The HackLibSchool Editorial team – minus Julia :( – took fifteen minutes to discuss what we see as some major issues that will be facing librarianship in the next few years. FYI – this was the first time we have actually all “talked” to one another, and it was cool just to hear one another’s voices. Also, this is meant as a practice in vocalizing our ideas in a different medium, and we hope you’ll forgive any novice nervousness and/or technological glitches.*  This episode breaks the Two Minute mold by about 13 minutes, but we thought it’d be nice to introduce ourselves and our emerging ideas is this format. Expect more team-sized shortcasts in the future.

Here’s the hightlights in case you can’t listen to the whole thing:

Question: What are the major issues facing libraries and librarianship in the next few years?

  • Heidi – We must be proactive instead of reactive.
  • Britt – Have to start considering serving the middle demographic (25-45), libraries are of the community despite govt connections.
  • Annie/Micah – Experiential connections in the institution and digital preservation can bolster the profile of the library in a digital world.
  • Zack – Re-conceptualizing our place in society is necessary.
  • Lauren – Must begin advocacy and marketing better to help others realize the value of librarians/librarianship.
  • Nicole – How to evolve and adapt to new needs. What does the public want from us?

*Micah’s note: Feel free to drink every time I say “great”… After class, in the comfort of your local pub or home, and of legal age, of course.

[Series] TMI #5 – Dr. Ethan Watrall on the Cultural Heritage Informatics Fieldschool

01/03/2011 § 6 Comments

For this episode of HackLibSchool TMI (Two Minute Insight) I had the pleasure of chatting with Dr. Ethan Watrall from Michigan State University. Dr. Watrall is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Anthropology and Associate Director of Matrix:The Center for Humane Arts, Letters & Social Sciences Online at Michigan State University.  In addition, he is Coordinator of the Cultural Heritage Informatics Initiative and co-director of the Scholarly Creativity research cluster of the Michigan State University Creativity Initiative.

CLICK HERE –>  More info about the fieldschool.


Dr. Watrall and I chatted for several minutes over the 2 minute limit, so what you’ll hear here is a trimmed down version of our interview. [If you'd like to hear the whole interview email me].

The CHI Fieldschool is, in my opinion, one of the coolest new initiatives that students interested in cultural heritage can take advantage of to get hands on experience “building as a way of knowing,” a popular mantra in Digital Humanities circles. If you or your classmates have any interest in cultural heritage, tech-based projects with humanities roots, or just want to be part of the inaugural class of a great new project, I highly encourage you to apply.

[Series] TMI #4 Maggie Johnson of Los Angeles Public Library

23/02/2011 § 2 Comments

In this edition of TMI (two-minute interview), Senior Los Angeles Public Librarian Maggie Johnson speaks about the budget crisis in public libraries, and how being unable to hire recent graduates will affect the future of the public library.

Listening to Ms. Johnson describe the state of librarianship in the public library, is this the case for all information specializations? Will the current hiring market cause us to “lose a generation” of information professionals? How does this affect recruitment? How does this affect you?

[Series] TMI #3 – Nancy Pearl

16/02/2011 § 1 Comment

Here’s another TMI — this time with Library Journal’s Librarian of the Year, Nancy Pearl (@Nancy_Pearl). She met up with me at the University Bookstore in Seattle, Wa. to give us her thoughts about the importance of booktalking in libraries. Have a listen!

TMI – Nancy Pearl by heidifk

Want more booktalking tips? What other tips would YOU suggest? « Read the rest of this entry »

[Series] TMI #1 and #2 – Two Minute Insights

22/01/2011 § 1 Comment

We are proud to introduce a shortcast series to the hacklibschool empire. TMI (Two Minute Insights) will be a semi-regular podcast sort of thing where a member of the HackLibSchool team will call a LIS professional with one question and a two minute time slot for that person to answer. The goal is to get short, interesting insights to the life of someone working in the field, and also to move the conversation out of text and into different media. (Basically, I got tired of reading all the time, and I listen to lots of podcasts.)

Round one of TMI – Melissa Rochelle talking about what it means to be an emerging technology librarian in rural Arizona, and Andy Woodworth explaining his #andypoll series on Twitter. Listen below!

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