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Hi Everyone – Just a quick short note here. We’re very excited to be a part of reshaping ALA, as you can probably tell from some of our recent posts. The first step is getting involved, which we will be kicking off this weekend at the annual conference. Annie, Lauren and Micah will be attending the conference (and wishing everyone else could make it too!), and feeling out the pulse of our profession – Annie as an MLIS student and Lauren and Micah as n00brarians. Aside from the great sessions and speakers, we are excited to get out and meet folks, friends, readers, peers and leaders in the field.

There are plans(?) to try to do some short posts from the conference, although we’ll see if/how that actually pans out. Micah will be wandering around collecting sound bites for the ever-popular Two Minute Insights that we sorta gave up on, but are hoping to revive. We have applied to iTunes for our podcast license, and for now you can listen to the past TMI’s below. Keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook page for new TMI’s from the conference.

Thank you again for reading and supporting us, and please, do come up and introduce yourself. We’re shy too.

Hope some of you will make it to the HackLibSchool Meetup at Avenue Pub, Sunday night at 8:30ish!


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Thanks for listening in this week. We had some good shortcasts that we hope you were able to access. It turns out that maybe a blog isn’t the best way to share this type of media, so we’ll be rethinking how/where the TMI series will go from here on out. At very least, we hope to post a short conversation with the editors at least once a month, as much for the purpose of us getting better and speaking our ideas as sharing them with you all.

Stay tuned for some more upcoming adaptations to HackLibSchool, all good of course.


Micah V. and the HLS Teamsters

Hot tip:

Previewing next week Рour Declassified series where we take a similar class at two different schools and review it Рpros/cons, skills learned, overlap in content, teaching methods, textbooks, etc. Are we really all learning the same general things? What does ALA accreditation really mean for the course content? We shall see!

TMI: Tammi Kim Discusses Student Government and Student Organizations

31/03/2011 § 1 Comment

Student organizations and student government are a big part of the MLIS experience, mirroring committee work and boards we will be expected to participate in as information professionals. Listen in!

[Series] TMI #8 – Audrey Watters

30/03/2011 § 9 Comments

TMI week marches on.*

I am so excited to be able to chat with Audrey Watters. Audrey writes (like 100 posts a day) at a leading tech blog ReadWriteWeb.com as well as HackEducation.com. Her posts on both blogs are often center around educational technology, and the interactions of tech and cultural trends and institutions, including this recent one on an app that librarians might be excited about. Be sure to check out her weekly Ed Tech Roundups to keep up with that world. I could go on a fanboy rant here and talk about how cool it was to meet Audrey (along with Seamus and Adrianne) here in NYC when I was interning with ReadWriteWeb, and how she was the first real life internet celebrity that I met, and how encouraging it was to chat with her about the state of education generally and some of my ideas (that may or may not have developed into this here bloggy blog!), and how I got super excited when she showed up on my favorite Digital Humanities podcast talking about ebooks… but I won’t. ;)

Listen on…

*We’re noticing a lack of comments on these shortcasts, and would like some feedback: Like/Dislike? Mix it in with writing?

[Series] TMI #7 – Julia Skinner on Research in Library School

29/03/2011 § 7 Comments

For the second installment in this week’s TMI series, we caught up with our very own Julia Skinner to talk about why library school students should get involved in independent research. Julia has done her own independent research and has presented at conferences. Library history is one of her many research interests. You can read more about her endeavors on Julia’s Library Research Blog.

Have any of you presented at conferences or done your own independent research projects? What were your experiences?

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