What I learned from the peer review process

25/05/2012 § 10 Comments

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Back in March 2011, Micah wrote a post on the need for LIS students to foster a culture of writing and sharing.  I followed his advice (as it has yet to lead me astray!), and this past semester I started as a Content Editor of San Jose State University’s SLIS Student Research Journal (SRJ).  I also submitted a paper I wrote in the fall semester to Library Student Journal (LSJ), which has been accepted for publication.  Both experiences, as a reviewer and reviewee, have been great — so I thought I’d share a little bit about them.

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Life Long Learning , Not Just a Buzzphrase: Continuing Your Education After Library School

20/06/2011 § 24 Comments

Lauren Bradley recently graduated from the Pratt School of Information & Library Science in Manhattan. She is a library assistant at the Leo Baeck Institute. She enjoys costume librarianship, database searching, and government documents. Follow her on Twitter @BibliosaurusRex

A number of us Hack Library School readers and writers have finished library school recently, but our education is far from over. Many of us have criticized what we feel was lacking in our LIS schooling (and in fact, was the very inspiration for this blog!) In order to become the most competitive job candidates we can be (and to remain relevant as our careers progress) we must continue learning far after graduation day. A personal anecdote: my cousin went to library school in 1999, which was really not that long ago. Two years later, Google was launched and changed the way the world interacted with information. Here are some ideas on how to keep learning: « Read the rest of this entry »

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