But what classes should I take?

02/02/2011 § 22 Comments

As I’m sure many readers can attest to, it can be difficult to figure out the “right” path to take in library school in terms of courses.  Since I was fairly undecided as to what type of library I wanted to work in I was hoping to take a little bit of everything during my time in graduate school.  At Simmons, as part of the general course towards a Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science, there are 5 required classes and then you can choose your other 7 electives.   You can see my final list of courses here.  As you may be able to tell, I was a little all over the board.  I think that’s because, often, this can be a bit of an organic process where you start seeing what you like and don’t like, based on classes, internships, other experiences, etc.

However, none of this probably helps, necessarily, to answer the question, ‘What Classes Should I Take?!’  And as you may have guessed, there is obviously not a clear answer to that.  I will, however, try to briefly describe my favorite classes and why they ended up on the short list.  I also cannot emphasize this enough.  I wish that I had spoken more with other students at the beginning of my program to find out more about certain professors and classes.  Your colleagues are your lifelines.  Use their expertise!!

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