Considering the Part-Time Information Science Position

09/05/2011 § 8 Comments

I have been working for almost 13 years, and in those 13 years, I’ve worked many, many, part-time jobs.  I’ve been a server at a truck stop diner (oh, how I miss those tips!), processed data for an insurance library, taught special education, worked in inner city schools as an art teacher.  I’ve worked three part-time jobs at a time, and I’ve had part-time jobs that made it impossible for me to have any other job because the schedule was so erratic.

Part-time jobs can be hard to manage, and they can be a wonderful way to gain experience.  Being in grad school, or graduating with your MLS/MLIS and surveying the job market, chances are part-time jobs are on your radar.  When looking at these part-time IS jobs, what are some things you should consider?

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