Why LIS should take a note from conservatories.

11/04/2012 § 5 Comments

Good librarianship is an art. The distinct combination of talent, education, experience, and affinity that librarians possess must come together into a cohesive unit, guided by the librarian’s sensibilities, in order to provide the professional level of service expected and required of librarians today. Why, then, are our training models designed to produce indistinguishable workers, full of core competencies but unable to produce artful solutions? Educators in Library & Information Science must begin to focus on producing dynamic librarians capable of striding forth and revolutionizing their field. By recognizing that there is no “one true way,” and instead supporting the creation of artist-librarians, each with their own style, approach, and direction, Library & Information Science education becomes a sort of “conservatory model,” and begins to change the future of librarianship.

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