LIS Blogs To Follow – Edition 3

11/07/2011 § 4 Comments

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See also: Edition 1, and Edition 2.

As some of you may know, we were nominated for and won, one of the Salem Press Best Library Blogs awards this year. We are so proud of this honor, and excited to continue to be a resource of good information for current and future LIS students. On that note – It just so turned out that Salem Press also compiled several massive lists of library blogs, grouped by category. Being the hackers that we are, we took to the Twitters and crowdsourced the compilation of RSS feeds for said lists of blogs.

Click to see how we did it!

Thanks to the help of friends and folks with some free time, below you will find prepared ‘bundles’ of RSS feeds for just about every current library blog you’d ever want to read.

Click, subscribe in your favorite feed reader, and enjoy. This is a great way to get caught up, and stay up to date, with the happenings around libraryland.

PUSH HERE for a bundle of 117 General Interest Library Blogs.

PUSH HERE for a bundle of 39 Public Library Blogs.

PUSH HERE for a bundle of 61 Academic Library Blogs.

PUSH HERE for a bundle of 26 Quirky Library Blogs.

and for good measure…

PUSH HERE for a bundle of the Library Journal 2011 Movers and Shakers’ blogs.

Sadly, there were 3 sections listed on the Salem Press site that got little to no attention in our crowdsourcing effort. School Library Blogs, Local Library Blogs, and Commercial Library Blogs were left out. And what about Archives and Museum-focused blogs? Please, if you have the time, grab the RSS feeds for some of these remaining blogs, and add them to the Google Doc linked here. These blogs can be an incredible source of information, and sharing them can make us all the more informed as colleagues.

A huge thank you to Dave McMullin, Nicole Fonsh, Nena SchvaneveldtElizabeth Reynolds and Dan Rude for working so diligently on this project. And if you helped out and didn’t sign your name in the guest book… THANK YOU TOO!

How I Hacked Library School – WEB APPS!

18/02/2011 § 33 Comments

The internet is awesome. And daily it is getting more and more awesomer. The best part is that a lot of what makes it great are the web-based tools that are being developed to help us users make sense of the vastness of the internet. I think we have gone beyond Web 2.0 (finally) and are now encountering a web where stuff gets done, efficiently, effectively and linked-edly. Some might call it Web 3.0, or the semantic web; I’d like to refer to it as Web as WorkSpace (WawS). The key to WawS? Web apps galore.

My Chrome WebApps

Since I am coming from an online MLIS program (Florida State University) I quickly acclimated to doing coursework online – in Blackboard and attending class in Elluminate. Those are fine for the basics (discussion boards, lectures), but what about when I have a Digital Library project due and my group members live in Florida and South Carolina, while I am in NYC? Our need to have real time collaboration in spaces that are easy to use and familiar led us to Dropbox, Google Docs, and Skype.  [Check out the process of my digital library project here.] In fact, I have been the biggest evangelist of web apps in any of my classes, and I have yet to figure out why more LIS students aren’t using WawS to hack library school. Want details? You got it:

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