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22/07/2011 § 6 Comments

As a student with Emporia State University’s MLS program, I am not fully satisfied with my educational options. I want a certificate in web design, but such a program is not offered. We have excellent certificates in archives and a youth services. But in terms of emerging technologies we have just the few, basic class offerings. Before for I get ahead of myself, let me explain where this desire comes from…

…I had an a-ha moment about a year into my program. After completing the required web design program, I attended InfoCamp Seattle, a unConference where all sorts of people gather to talk about user experience (also known as UX). To be honest, I had little user experience knowledge before attending, so I had to give my self a bit of a crash course: UX is a way of looking at how patrons (or users or students or customers) interact with your systems. While not limited to technology, UX has really grown out of the studies of human-computer interaction. InfoCamp brought together¬† people interested in marketing, design, information architecture, design, programming, everyone (or so it seemed). « Read the rest of this entry »

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