Cool Tool Day

22/03/2011 § 3 Comments

Thanks to Bronwyn Guiton for this inspiring piece detailing how students at University of British Columbia hacked their LIS education.

Last fall, students at the School of Library, Archives, and Information Studies at University of British Columbia were invited to the school’s first ever Cool Tool Day sponsored by the school’s local ASIS&T chapter. The event was loosely inspired by TEDTalks, Ignite, and the tool/tip of the week segments on the TWiT network podcasts.

During the school’s common lunch hour, students gathered in the computer classroom to hear or give 5-minute presentations on a tech tool that was making library school more interesting, more enriching, and/or more fun. Presenters had to keep to a strict 5-minute limit, (they could request a 10-minute slot in advance if needed in the sequel events). Afterwards, there were free snacks and coffee to encourage students to stick around and chat.

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