Lauren Pressley Wants to Give You Her Book!

29/11/2012 § 7 Comments

Editor’s note: This is the first of a two part series. An interview with Andromeda Yelton of Gluejar will be posted next week on Thursday, December 6.

We drew you in, didn’t we? Well, it’s true: librarian and authorĀ Lauren Pressley is working with crowdfunding startup to provide free access to her book So You Want To Be a Librarian. Read our interview with Lauren to learn more about the book,, and how you can contribute!

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Yes, You Need a Degree for That. [Starter Kit]

24/08/2012 § 13 Comments

Don’t let the flood of questions overwhelm you!

When I was starting library school, nobody warned me about the sheer number of questions I would receive, from family, friends, and random strangers. Most of them are variations on a single theme:

You need a masters for that?

While I’m still getting these questions, now that I’m more than halfway through my program, I think I have better answers…

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{Series} Emerging Careers in Librarianship: GIS Librarianship

05/07/2012 § 10 Comments

Screenshot of Google Earth map

Proof of my foray into GIS technologies!

Earlier this summer I attended the Digital Humanities Summer Institute (DHSI) in Victoria, British Columbia. While I was there I took an intensive course on GIS and the Humanities. I was a complete novice but I enjoyed the chance to begin developing a brand-new skill set. This course was fresh in my mind as I pondered what to write about for my next HackLibSchool post, and I was reminded of number of job postings I’ve seen over the past year for GIS positions within libraries. Consequently, I’ve decided to explore it a bit as part of our Emerging Careers in Librarianship series. I’m hoping readers can add to my ramblings since I am admittedly nowhere near an expert in this field, just a curious dabbler interested in promoting awareness about this type of librarianship and starting a discussion.

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