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29/09/2011 § 36 Comments

Purdue declares, We are Makers

We Are Purdue, Makers All

It seems almost every year we in the library science field torture ourselves about the glut of graduates emerging from our programs and the shortage of jobs that exist within the profession. One thing I continually hear from people is that library schools should make admissions harder. The argument is that if we let less people in with higher qualification our degrees will matter more. Here I take umbrage.

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InfoCamp and the Unconference Model

13/09/2011 § 5 Comments

Infocamp Seattle 2010

InfoCamp Attendees chat in a hall between sessions.

In addition to writing for Hack Library School as a contributing editor, the other big extracurricular activity on my plate is helping plan InfoCamp SC. InfoCamp SC is University of South Carolina’s port of InfoCamp, a two day unconference started in Seattle. I got involved in the InfoCamp project because I thought it would be cool to have an unconference where I could learn about information management and design from people who practice it commercially, every day.

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[Series] Library School Starter Kit – The First Term

15/08/2011 § 28 Comments

Below is a timeline that roughly follows my own experience in library school and what I have noticed other successful library students doing. Most of the activities are simple non-time intensive ways to help create opportunities to improve the quality of your library education.
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The Little Big Red Bookstore That Couldn’t

06/08/2011 § 4 Comments

Herald of Borders

Sign waver standing on the corner of Strander and Andover Prkwy E.

I’ve written on my own blog about my feelings as a Borders employee and the company’s collapse. In this post I intend to dissect why Borders failed, and what it means for books, bookstores, and libraries. There are a lot of factors that led to Big Red Books’ down fall, there are a lot of factors that led to its success. These factors affect us in library land as well, so they bear looking into.

The Rise of Big Red Books

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Hack Your Library School Application

05/07/2011 § 9 Comments

Hi Hack Library Schoolers,

We’ve gotten contacted by a few people who have questions about applying to library schools. We can’t really answer those questions for you, everyone’s application process will be different. What we can do is tell you how we approached our applications. In addition to reading this post, check out our Hack Your Program series for a better idea about each program you’re thinking about applying to. « Read the rest of this entry »


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