Avoiding the lull after the storm – Reflections on the ending of library school and the job hunt

30/05/2012 § 15 Comments


Help Wanted, No Bullshit by Sekimura / CC-BY In The Library With The Lead Pipe.

Like many here on Hack Library School, I’ve been super busy with finals and the stress of graduating (see my two previous posts from earlier this year). Now that I’ve passed through the crucible of my last term, I’ve found myself in another tricky spot: the job hunt. I’m fortunate in that I have a job and a place to live for the summer while I find myself gainful employment, but if I didn’t have those two things, I’d be up the creek. I thought I would offer some advice based on my experience and give you some great websites to look at before and during your own job hunt.

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Fast Library: Workflows, apps, and a thought on efficiency

23/02/2012 § 16 Comments

I was reading Fast Company today, and it strikes me that one particular feature is missing from the bulk of library blogs; profiles of effective librarians. Sure we have lots of good product reviews to help with efficiency and lots of us write about our work flows, but not many of the super blogs out there aggregate these into profiles of the effective work habits of others. Tips and tricks to help power forward in library land.

That said, I’m going to downshift from an overview of library blogging into a product review of three to-do-list programs and apps to help you with your efficiency. Lists help, and these three programs help take lists to the digital level. « Read the rest of this entry »

It’s OK to Not Have Time

08/02/2012 § 28 Comments

I know it seems really whiney, but it seems that these days I just don’t have any time. I feel constantly overwhelmed and no matter how much I do, I have a hard time keeping all my balls in the air. I know that I’m not alone in feeling this.  In fact it seems like many of my friends in their last year, and especially those in their last term, have run into similar issues.

I think there are several factors that contribute to it. Our degree programs are for professional degrees and many have practicum requirement. By our last terms many of us are either volunteering regularly, interning, or working in a library environment, which means that much of our day is spent working. On top of that I’ve noticed that by the time library-schoolers get into their last term they are largely taking extremely specialized classes. Unlike many cursory introduction classes these tend to have a more complicated and often a larger workload. If you’re doing things right (in my humble opinion), you should also be involved in some sort of organization, whether its the local SLA chapter or your student group.  In short, you just don’t have any time.

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The Home Stretch – Strategies for the final term

23/11/2011 § 3 Comments

I had a little bit of a freak out a few weeks ago. It was the (obligatory?) “Holy crap, I’m Graduating!” freak out. Library school is a great time, but it has a goal, (hopefully) a job when you graduate. Despite all the work I’ve put in up to this point, the looming prospect of a job hunt in a tough economy terrifies me.  What I’ve come to realize though is that there are two types of things you can stress about, things you can change, and things you can’t. Things you can’t change can’t be changed, so its better to just let them roll off your back. This piece is about the things I am doing in my last term to maximize the things I can change and end my library school experience on a high, and employable note. I’ve also asked my colleague Annie to chime, because we we’re on a similar time line, and two scenarios will give you twice the choices.
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A Cool Fundraising Idea… or maybe just a shameless plug.

17/11/2011 § 7 Comments

Our student group at USC, LISSA, has a rather unique fundraiser that happens around this time every year; The Mildly Attractive Men of Library Science. What is the Mildly Attractive Men of Library Science? The Mildly Attractive Men of Library Science is calendar that we make and sell annually to raise money for our student organization, and each year we do a variation on a theme. The calendar features some the most mildly attractive men in library science associate with the University of South Carolina’s School of Library and Information Science.

The Thinker from the cover of the Mildly Attractive Men of SLIS

Cover from this years calendar!

Last year we rocked out and did covers… of album covers. This year we’re doing something a little bit more highbrow and delivering our own unique takes on masterworks of art! That’s right thirteen artistically posed mildly attractive men celebrating library science and art, it doesn’t get much better than that.

If you’d like to know a little bit more about our calendar, or maybe order one, check out our blog post announcing them. They should be off the press soon. They make great library themed gifts, and serve as great conversation starter at work. I can confirm that I make an appearance in this years calendar.  Check out the video we made to promote it last year.


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