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Here at HackLibSchool we are big fans of finding ways to stay on top of current events in and across the information professions. One of the best ways to accomplish this, besides subscribing to hundreds of RSS feeds, is to let someone else do it for you. Let’s call it “content curation.”

Tracy Guza AKA the Mod Librarian has been running a series of posts every Thursday since late December titled “5 Things Thursday” where she offers 5 things that happened relating to Library and Information stuffs in the past week that are worth discussing (based on the New York Times’ 10 Things to Talk About This Weekend). Are you a student blogger looking for topics to write about, hoping to break in to the mainstream conversations? A librarian working the ref desk over the weekend? An archives or museum pro wondering what the hell is happening in Library Land these days? Or someone who is just generally interested in a variety of interesting topics? Mod Librarian’s 5 things is a great place to start.

With Tracy’s permission, here are a few recent lists of goings-on, all originally posted on her wonderful blog.

Here are five more things that may prove interesting conversation generators:

  1. Do you dream of a world with one search box for all?
  2. Want a new book display option since the world is going digital? Check out this book spiral.
  3. Craving some cold war style Russian posters? Duke has some here.
  4. Need super simple circulation software? I like this one - Simple Library Pro.
  5. Want to read more about collecting and preserving user-generated content?
  1. Have a DesignSnack.
  2. Want more on the diabolical Harper Collins ebook scheme?
  3. What is the best DAM solution?
  4. What happens when you take some of the most thought provoking quotes and pair them with fresh photography and works of art?PixPlacebo.
  5. Have you ever seen a book carved by the Book Surgeon?

Here are five LIS topics plus one bonus topic to inspire discourse.

  1. Is Google Hotpot spicy?
  2. Want more nifty CSS designs?
  3. What is Project MUSE?
  4. Are you interested in a handy JavaScript library?
  5. What’s in the Museum of Ancient Inventions?

BONUS: Would you like to plan ahead for a zombie attack?


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Thanks for listening in this week. We had some good shortcasts that we hope you were able to access. It turns out that maybe a blog isn’t the best way to share this type of media, so we’ll be rethinking how/where the TMI series will go from here on out. At very least, we hope to post a short conversation with the editors at least once a month, as much for the purpose of us getting better and speaking our ideas as sharing them with you all.

Stay tuned for some more upcoming adaptations to HackLibSchool, all good of course.


Micah V. and the HLS Teamsters

Hot tip:

Previewing next week – our Declassified series where we take a similar class at two different schools and review it – pros/cons, skills learned, overlap in content, teaching methods, textbooks, etc. Are we really all learning the same general things? What does ALA accreditation really mean for the course content? We shall see!

[Series] TMI #8 – Audrey Watters

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TMI week marches on.*

I am so excited to be able to chat with Audrey Watters. Audrey writes (like 100 posts a day) at a leading tech blog ReadWriteWeb.com as well as HackEducation.com. Her posts on both blogs are often center around educational technology, and the interactions of tech and cultural trends and institutions, including this recent one on an app that librarians might be excited about. Be sure to check out her weekly Ed Tech Roundups to keep up with that world. I could go on a fanboy rant here and talk about how cool it was to meet Audrey (along with Seamus and Adrianne) here in NYC when I was interning with ReadWriteWeb, and how she was the first real life internet celebrity that I met, and how encouraging it was to chat with her about the state of education generally and some of my ideas (that may or may not have developed into this here bloggy blog!), and how I got super excited when she showed up on my favorite Digital Humanities podcast talking about ebooks… but I won’t. ;)

Listen on…

*We’re noticing a lack of comments on these shortcasts, and would like some feedback: Like/Dislike? Mix it in with writing?

[Series] TMI #6 – Editorial Edition

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Welcome to TMI Week! We are taking a break from blogging to dedicate some brain-time to our coursework, and so we thought we’d beef up our Two Minute Insight shortcast series. Over the next 5 days stop back by to hear some brief thoughts on a variety of topics related to Librarianship, library school and the state of education.

The HackLibSchool Editorial team – minus Julia :( – took fifteen minutes to discuss what we see as some major issues that will be facing librarianship in the next few years. FYI – this was the first time we have actually all “talked” to one another, and it was cool just to hear one another’s voices. Also, this is meant as a practice in vocalizing our ideas in a different medium, and we hope you’ll forgive any novice nervousness and/or technological glitches.*  This episode breaks the Two Minute mold by about 13 minutes, but we thought it’d be nice to introduce ourselves and our emerging ideas is this format. Expect more team-sized shortcasts in the future.

Here’s the hightlights in case you can’t listen to the whole thing:

Question: What are the major issues facing libraries and librarianship in the next few years?

  • Heidi – We must be proactive instead of reactive.
  • Britt – Have to start considering serving the middle demographic (25-45), libraries are of the community despite govt connections.
  • Annie/Micah – Experiential connections in the institution and digital preservation can bolster the profile of the library in a digital world.
  • Zack – Re-conceptualizing our place in society is necessary.
  • Lauren – Must begin advocacy and marketing better to help others realize the value of librarians/librarianship.
  • Nicole – How to evolve and adapt to new needs. What does the public want from us?

*Micah’s note: Feel free to drink every time I say “great”… After class, in the comfort of your local pub or home, and of legal age, of course.

Two Quick Announcements

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1. WordPress has recently released an iPad optimization for all their blogs, and I must say the HackLibSchool theme looks pretttty good in that format. So, if you have the hardware, there’s a new way to consume our content! Check out the screenshots below.

2. We are happy to introduce Theme Weeks. Kicking off this week with “TMI Week,” this will be a semi-regular occurrence at HackLibSchool where all the posts from that week will center around… you guessed it… a particular theme. Already on the upcoming calendar: Practicalities Week, Program Review Week and Hack ALA Annual Week.

Thanks for reading, and for the support!

Micah V.

HLS on the iPad - featuring previous TMI's


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