Three Projects Librarians Should be Helping

13/03/2013 § 12 Comments

Here in Syracuse, we’re in the midst of spring break, and I’m exulting in a bit of unprogrammed time to relax and refocus on the things that matter. I’ve been trying to remind myself about the projects that really excited me around libraryland–projects that sometimes get lost in the jumble of classwork and job-hunting. In the last few months, I’ve found a number of projects that have active communities, and exciting goals. There’s something about being surrounded by vibrant, dynamic people, whether in person or virtually, that re-energizes me and inspires me to make cool things happen, and I’m guessing I’m not the only one! Librarians are a natural fit for all of these projects–rally ’round the cause, folks!

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Two weeks left to apply for the EveryLibrary / HLS Summer 2013 Internship!

04/03/2013 § Leave a comment

Don’t forget, there are just two weeks left to apply for the paid Hack Library School/EveryLibrary advocacy internship! In case you missed our last post on the internship, here are the details again!

Without further ado:

EveryLibrary / Hack Library School Internship 

The EveryLibrary / Hack Library School internship will provide a current MLS/MLIS student with the opportunity to apply their specialized knowledge and skills to public policy and voter advocacy issues confronting independent library districts. One selected student will work over a 10 – 12 week period during summer 2013 to produce original research or a white-paper length policy brief for later publication. Work produced during this internship will be under a Creative Commons license and made available to the public via Hack Library School.

The intern will be supported with a $500.00 stipend and is encouraged to conduct self-guided, hands-on, research-oriented work at agencies, advocacy groups, corporations, and legislative and executive offices. The intern will work in close collaboration with EveryLibrary on the success of this project.  No provision is made for other support.

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Finding Balance in a Final Push.

04/02/2013 § 8 Comments

Rocketing toward the end of my LibrarySchool career is exhilarating, but the closer I get to graduation, the more I feel like my list of projects to accomplish is too long to finish. I’m excited to be involved in our student activities, my classes are challenging in all the best ways, and my work outside of the academic milieu is giving me valuable experience, but there’s always a voice saying “You should do more!”

Library students are constantly told that we need to get out there, to tackle exciting projects and take on responsibilities that will help us get jobs and make connections. As #libschool hackers, I think we have a greater understanding of the need to make our programs of study suit our interests, and I’ve seen a number of my colleagues do amazing things, at Syracuse and other universities, in order to follow their passions. I can’t picture a situation in which someone was disadvantaged because they took time outside of their graduate commitments to work on a project they really cared about. In some ways, I think library students should consider an extracurricular project or three as part of their coursework, even if it’s not possible to get “official” credit for it.

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Fight back in the copyright conflict with Unglue.It!

06/12/2012 § 1 Comment

Editor’s note: This is the second of a two part series. An interview with Lauren Pressley, author of So You Want to Be a Librarian, was posted last week on Thursday, November 29.

Librarian and author Lauren Pressley is working with crowdfunding startup to provide free access to her book So You Want To Be a Librarian. We interviewed Lauren last week to learn more about the book, and now we have some thoughts from Andromeda Yelton, a member of the team and a fantastic librarian in her own right. Read her ideas on the current campaign, the future of public information in ebook form, and hacker-librarians’ role in the copyright conflict!
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Tips for making internships work for everybody!

05/11/2012 § 9 Comments

Even though it’s still just midway through the fall semester, I’m already looking ahead to the transition from student-hood to professional life next summer. I know that my internship experience is one of the most fantastic things I’ve done so far to open the door into the working world, and I hope that most students will also take advantage of an internship during or shortly after a masters program.

That said, it’s important for us to make a compelling case to the libraries where we hope to intern–hosting interns takes a sizable chunk of resources away from the day-to-day operations of many libraries, and library students should keep that in mind. Here are some tips for making your internship a win-win experience for everybody:

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