[Series] Hack ALA: Get Your Network On!

09/06/2011 § 14 Comments

ALA is the largest library conference in the nation. It brings together different librarians from across the country, all in one place. It gives everyone the opportunity to meet new people and network. This is pretty fantastic if you think about it, but for a newbie student or librarian who has never been before, this can be an overwhelming experience. It brings to mind a number of questions about what to do and how to use this experience to network. Luckily, we have paired up a conference n00b, Annie, with conference veteran Lauren, with a question and answer session for some guidance on how to network. « Read the rest of this entry »

Hack Your Program: Indiana University-Indianapolis SLIS

25/05/2011 § 15 Comments

*Disclaimer: These are my personal opinions and are not representative of the student body. I started in Fall 2010 as a full-time, out-of-state student. All criticism is meant to be constructive.

SLIS classrooms are on the first floor and the basement.

I go to the  School of Library and Information Science at Indiana University-Indianapolis (a.k.a. IUPUI). It’s a nice campus that located just west of the downtown area. Overall, I would say that my program has a very traditional approach to the LIS education. For example, we graduate with an MLS, not an MLIS. Students can either take classes online, on-campus, or long-distance, via satellite classes, although long distance learners are required to take at least one class in person. I moved here from CA because I wanted to attend a school in person, so I mostly am taking on-campus courses, which works best for me personally. I really have connected with the student body and the professors here, which has made my experience really awesome.

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Self-assessment and Identifying What You Want to Know

06/05/2011 § 11 Comments

Self Reflect

Take the time to self-reflect

Self-assessment is a life long learning tool that helps guide us in identifying what our personal strengths and weaknesses are.  Whether you are a working professional or a student, this is a valuable skill to have and to work on. Taking the time to reflect on what you’ve learned and what you still want to learn is essential for self-growth and development. For a student like myself, who is in the middle of my MLIS degree, doing this was crucial for planning the rest of my curriculum. Being able to identify what gaps I had in my own experiences helped me to make some decisions about what I need to do in the upcoming year.

Some people go into library school knowing exactly where they want to work. In fact, it’s usually an ice breaker question, “What kind of library do you want to work in?” On the other hand, I’m sure it’s normal to change your mind a few times once you’ve become acclimated to the library field. I have definitely shifted my personal goals since I started my program. I went from being sure I wanted to be an art librarian, to realizing I should be more flexible and I started looking into digital libraries. I had to ask myself where I want to be once I was done and what kind of work I want to do. As a result, I needed to shift my coursework to match my goals.

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[Series] Declassified: Information Architecture Edition

04/04/2011 § 10 Comments

Welcome to the inaugural post of our Declassified series. This series will feature two writers laying out the basics of one class that is similar at two different schools. The point is to allow interested students to get a peek into the coursework that the MLIS offers, and also to serve as a checks and balances system for our programs; is your Metadata course the same as mine? Why, or why not? This is one way that we can actually attempt to open up the curriculum of library school and discuss it. Hope you enjoy – feel free to add comments reviewing the featured course at your institution also.

If this is an alt-LIS area that you might be interested in check out this bundle of apps/sites to check out curated by Micah.

Annie and Micah are happy to present “Declassified: Information Architecture Edition”

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[Series] TMI #7 – Julia Skinner on Research in Library School

29/03/2011 § 7 Comments

For the second installment in this week’s TMI series, we caught up with our very own Julia Skinner to talk about why library school students should get involved in independent research. Julia has done her own independent research and has presented at conferences. Library history is one of her many research interests. You can read more about her endeavors on Julia’s Library Research Blog.

Have any of you presented at conferences or done your own independent research projects? What were your experiences?


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