The Transparent Library School

23/05/2011 § 3 Comments

Summertime! After a few weeks of sparse updates, the HackLibSchool team is kicking it back into gear. We first wanted to take the time to thank our readers for all the great conversations we have had over the past several months. It is encouraging that our writings have inspired discussions here and elsewhere, and we hope to continue to provoke thought and engagement around the topic of training for librarianship. 

transparent grape

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In the spirit of our original proposition to hack (breakdown, disrupt, challenge) library school, and in response to Michael Stephens’ recent article in Library Journal titled “The Transparent Library School,” we have decided to spend the next few weeks writing specifically about the educational programs in which we are students. We see this as a necessary progression of this blog as a resource for students considering this educational track, offering them the chance to have an insiders point of view on a variety of different programs, and also as a means to open up the dialog on the value of the Master’s degree in Library and Information Science and the programs that grant the degree.

Expect to read some basic overviews of the schools we represent, some recommended courses, perhaps a insight into the¬†bureaucracy and/or politics of the program, and of course expect constructive criticism. Part of our goal for this blog is not only to encourage fellow students, but also to challenge our administrators and professors (who have been largely and surprisingly absent from our dialog since the beginning) for the purpose of keeping LIS education at the cutting edge of the information economy. Especially as a majority of the HackLibSchool Editors are very recent graduates, we have opinions, ideas and suggestions that should be heard. Hack Your Program, Open MLIS, Inside Library School, The Transparent Library School, whatever you want to call it – we are here to offer our point of view. Please feel free to offer yours as well, and here’s to another great semester of thought-provoking discussions.

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  • Jennifer says:

    I look forward to these posts! My sister earned her MLS a few years ago and I love chatting with her about concepts I am studying now. I am floored when she does not recall Ranganathan’s 5 Laws or that there are thesauri unlike Roget’s–after the amount of time my intro classes spent on those alone! Conversely, she compared her program with a contemporary student at a different school and found many similarities.

    I am also interested in the differences between in-person and online (synchronous v. asynchronous [latter is my choice]) as I have an M. Sci. from an in-person program several years ago.

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